Therapeutic Model of Care

HYPAR’s Therapeutic Model of Care provides the framework for young people and older individuals who have experienced trauma to establish a better sense of direction and closer movement towards wellbeing. Our model aims to ensure that individuals can build connections with others, whilst developing relationship and leadership skills under the support of positive role models. 



HYPAR WILD accommodates the specific needs of individuals in our groups and promotes therapeutic and adventurous experiences that are important to an individual’s journey. Benefit from our nurturing take on outdoor, self-paced adventure-based activities, and move steadily with freedom of expression as you adventure with HYPAR. 


Relationships, Valuing People, Encouragement, Leadership, Reflection.


Building meaningful and empowering relationships to establish value, significance and resilience in the lives of young people.


To create an environment where all young people are valued and empowered through meaningful and supportive relationships.

Chris Szymanski with short black and white hair wearing a smart blue shirt and big smile.


Chris is the HYPAR WILD Program Coordinator and will be busy organising your adventures.


HYPAR WILD is Chris’ passion, and he believes there is nothing better than stepping into the great outdoors and helping participants grow their confidence and capacity. 


Chris holds a degree in Psychology and was recognised by peak body Outdoors Queensland at the 2022 Awards as a finalist for The Queensland Government Individual Award.

Our Crew

We are a fun-loving crew of experienced adventure therapy practitioners who are passionate about providing unique opportunities for positive change and take pride in our people-first approach.

Our team members are from a range of backgrounds and experiences that provide the ideal blend of skills, qualities, and qualifications for adventure-based learning to occur. We have regular professional supervision and training updates to maintain our skills and currencies. 

All our adventures are run with fully qualified staff, and yes, we have: 

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