Welcome to our jungle

HYPAR WILD specialises in outdoor education and adventure therapy for young people and adults who have experienced trauma from adverse life events. We facilitate outdoor adventure activities in natural environments to build individual and group qualities, giving participants the tools and abilities to thrive in the modern world.

Operating across Greater Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the surrounding SE Queensland region, we offer a range of tailored activities in a safe space for participants to explore their potential while supported by positive role models. Activities are available to all ages and abilities and can be accessed by NDIS and Child Safety participants. 


HYPAR WILD offers a diverse range of adventure disciplines, including single session activities and weekend adventure-based learning camps. Activities are self-paced and tailored to meet the interests, needs and capacity of the individual.


We believe supportive relationships are a key factor in building resilience in young people, and in recognising the breadth of functioning impacted by complex trauma, we expect to work with a variety of responses. Our holistic programs work to acquire and restore skills that benefit our participants, helping them to learn new coping strategies while establishing a better sense of direction and movement towards wellbeing.


From the first contact point, our team will work with participants to develop their capacity, using the outdoors as the medium to grow and develop individual and group qualities, aiming to increase:





Trust & Companionship



Physical & Moral Courage

Mental Robustness

Communication Skills

 We incorporate a message of optimism and hope into all our interactions with the vision of Safety, Trustworthiness, Choices, Collaboration and Empowerment.


HYPAR WILD adventure activities are designed to increase:

Personal development

Relationship skills

Individual capacity

Individual self-efficacy

Intellectual flexibility

Sense of direction and movement towards wellbeing

All while providing a fun and enjoyable experience for the participant!

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